A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

I don't seek laughter...- follows the main character Katashi inochi when he has lost his ways and the player must choose the path he follows. What path did you lead too?

Gameplay is visual novel choices, but the ending can also depend on your character's stats you use a daily planner and the number of days go up by one, you can keep the original first and last name if you prefer how ever you can change either of them at the beginning of the game.

This visual novel has 4,118 words and 15 endings, can you find all the endings?

Credit where due-


Residental area - Peter

park background by しじみのおすまし (Osumashi)


rest of backgrounds by Green Stars

body drag sound- bennychico11 from freesound.org

Music by Eric Matyas



Left-click, Enter

Advances through the game, activates menu choices, buttons, and sliders.


Advances through the game, but does not activate choices.

Arrow Keys

Selects menu choices, buttons, and sliders.


Causes skipping to occur while the ctrl key is held down.


Toggles skipping, causing it to occur until tab is pressed again.

Mousewheel-Up, PageUp

Causes rollback to occur. Rollback reverses the game back in time, showing prior text and even allowing menu choices to be changed.

Mousewheel-Down, PageDown

Causes rollforward to occur, cancelling out a previous rollback.

Right-click, Escape

Enters the game menu. When in the game menu, returns to the game.

Middle-click, H

Hides the text window and other transient displays.


Toggles fullscreen mode


Takes a screenshot, saving it in a file named screenshotxxxx.png, where xxxx is a serial number.

Alt-H, Command-H

Hides (iconifies) the window.

Alt-F4, Command-Q

Quits the game.


When a save slot is selected, deletes that save slot.


IDSL-1.3-linux.tar.bz2 49 MB
IDSL-1.3-mac.zip 45 MB
IDSL-1.3-win.zip 46 MB